Package Peak


Package Peak is a package manager for your WordPress plugin and theme purchases at Envato. This includes ThemeForest and CodeCanyon purchases.

To get started, visit the Package Peak websiteopen in new window to start your free trial.


Package Peak is designed to help you better manage your Envato-sourced WordPress plugins and themes.

Theme and Plugin Backups

By default, after a plugin or theme is updated, old versions can't be accessed on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon. You'll have to track down the author directly to request an old version if something went wrong.

Package Peak keeps copies of old versions of your purchases so you can retrieve them if necessary.

Access to Multiple Envato Accounts

You may have clients that purchase their own copies of themes and plugins on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. Rather than have to log in and out of accounts every time you need to download a new version of a theme or plugin, you can sync Package Peak to all of your client accounts and see all their purchases in one place.

Composer Support

In addition to keeping old versions of purchased themes and plugins around for you to download, Package Peak also works as a Composer repository, offering all of your and your clients' purchases as Composer packages from a single protected endpoint.

For more on using Composer and WordPress, check out Bedrockopen in new window.

One Update Method

Once you're using Package Peak and Composer to install your ThemeForest and CodeCanyon purchases, you don't have to worry about keeping a bunch of API keys configured in your WordPress database to keep receiving updates. Just run composer update!

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